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"SCHETOVOD" Accounting Company distinguishes itself at the market of financial outsourcing among other enterprises of Russia by the following:

The initial mission of “Schetovod” Accounting Company (Moscow, Russia) is concentration of resources on the main kind of activity, that is keeping and reconstruction of business and tax accounting for achievement of reliable and high-quality implementation of services;

Cooperation with “Schetovod” Accounting Company is partners interaction directed for achievement of wealth of your enterprise under difficult conditions of continually changing tax legislation of Russia;

Flexibility of approach to solving of Customer’s current issues. The experts of Accounting Company will take upon themselves solving of organizational issues of new business start, opening of a representation, an office, and other questions at changing of any business processes;

Experience, high proficiency level, professional knowledge of our experts will help you in real time mode to make correct decisions keeping your precious time and resources spent for consulting, search for necessary highly specialized experts, personnel training, solve the problem of irregularity of charge of your accounts department, remove dependence on sudden actions of your chief accountant (dismissal and disease during reporting period, unwillingness to take responsibility and frequently incompetency, that is, unfortunately, is not always possible to be discovered in proper time).

Close contact with lawyers and tax authorities will let out accountants make your relations with fiscal bodies understanding and cooperative.

Our experts have much experience in keeping and reconstruction of business, tax and personnel accounting, and also protection of your company at tax revisions and tax arguments with fiscal bodies in many branches of management, such as:

  • Foreign companies’ representations without the right of commercial activity conduct,
  • Alcohol and state tax on purchase goods wholesale trade,
  • Pharmacological production,
  • Transporting services and logistics,
  • Retail trade,
  • Construction,
  • Wholesale trade,
  • Rendering services.

The Customers of “Schetovod” Accounting Company are foreign companies’ representations and companies with total-lot foreign capital of such countries as

  • Netherlands,
  • USA,
  • Switzerland,
  • Romania,
  • Moldova,
  • Turkey.

Our own developed patterns of accountants’ work organization and internal auditing eliminate any chances of accounting errors.
Example of Accounting argeement.
For more information about the company, see www.1bks.ru

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